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It is the entire genetic material (DNA) found in the cells of the human body.

The Emirati Genome Program is managed by G42 Healthcare, and is supervised by the Emirates Genome Council.

The UAE Reference Genome program will enable understanding of the genetic basis of health and disorders for citizens. The programs utilize genetic data and insights provided through the Emirati Genome and the UAE Reference Genome programs, and will help develop applications that enable rapid diagnosis, prevention, early intervention and targeted therapies, based on genetic profiles.

Head to the nearest sample collection center with your valid Emirates ID card. No prior appointment required. Locate a collection center here.

Participation in the Emirati Genome Program is open to UAE citizens only.

Emiratis of all ages are invited to participate.

A blood sample of 8ml is drawn from adults, whereas two buccal swabs are drawn from children.

• I’m fasting
• I suffer from various diseases
• I'm taking doses of therapeutic drugs
• I have taken the COVID-19 vaccine
• I haven’t taken the COVID-19 vaccine
• I’m pregnant
Yes, you can participate in all the cases mentioned above.

The Emirati Genome Program is operated under the supervision of the Emirates Genome Council and follows strict ethical and regulatory standards to ensure the safety and security of participant data.

The blood sample or swab will undergo whole genome sequencing to generate a comprehensive health report, and the rest of the sample will be preserved and secured in the biobank in the laboratories of the Omics Center of Excellence in the G42 Healthcare facilities in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi.